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nochew's Journal

3 December
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Grew up the third of three boys, watching and learning from the mistakes of my older brothers. Peacekeeper of the family, I always try to take care of everyone else. It wasn't until early in college did someone help me understand the importance of taking care of myself first.

Two of my many majors in college were music, and I continue to surround myself with it constantly. I'm in a male chorus called The Sons of Orpheus; but more importantly, I married a wonderful woman with an angelic voice and a strong driving passion to excel in the music world - of which I have no doubt she will.

Degreed in Computer Science and to a lesser extent MIS, endorsed by the UH Honors College, certified by Microsoft and Comptia, educated by observing people, open minded to ludicrous proportions, day dreamy and scatterbrained... I still haven't quite figured out my niche in life. Teach? it seems to run in my blood, I can't fight it much longer. Just need to figure out how and what to teach.