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Job Title: Trainer / Coach
Specilaist/Technical Knowledge, Skills, or Aptitude: This job is challenging due to the complexity of the technical environment, the requirement to support various Atos Origin customer's platforms and applications, and the mission to provide quality customer service.

The Trainer/Coach will be responsible for ramping up all new Systems analysts. After a Systems Analyst is hired, the Trainer/Coach will be responsible for:
1. Setting up the New Systems Analyst with all required access and infrastructure
2. Training the New Systems Analyst on the selected accounts the new Systems Analyst will support
3. Training the New Systems Analyst on all Houston Service Desk processes and tools
4. Evaluation of the New Systems Analyst after the initial training period

The Trainer/Coach will be responsible for the following:
1. Maintaining of all Training Records for All HSD Team Memebers
2. Work with web page admin to ensure training records are published accurately
3. Work with quality coordinator to identify areas for improvement at Systems Analyst level
4. Work with tools group to create reports to measure New Systems Analyst performance
5. Work with Team Leads to identify and document all required training for New Systems Analyst
6. Work with Team Leads to ensure New Systems Analyst have completed all required training courses and assessments prior to being placed with a team
7. Coordinate all Brown Bag Training Sessions so that Standard Processes are followed
8. Cross train existing analyst (when needed for shift change) across multiple accounts to prepare for after-hours support

* 5+ years in multi-operating system environment
* 3 years experience working in desktop environment and with word processing and spreadsheet software
* 3+ years experience in a technical support environment, call center, or Help Desk
* 2 year experience working in a large IS organization (multiple locations, mainframe, WAN, 1000+ personal computer workstations)

Abilitied and Judgement
* Ability to use a systematic approach and analytical aptitude in solving problems through analysis of the problem and evaluation of alternative solutions
* Excellent customer service skills
* Very good inter-personal and teamwork aptitude
* Thorough ability to interpret a wide variety of documentation for softweare and hardware and equipment
* General organization skills to manage multiple open calls, call backs, and follow-up with customers

Other Personal or General Characteristics
* Excellent telephone skills
* General technical writing skills to describe technical problems for problem history
* Thorough writing and communication skills to write, demonstrate, and explain step-by-step technical procedures
* Thorough analytical skills to troubleshoot (over the phone) technical computer problems as presented by customers and resolve with own knowledge, or use documentation; or know when to escalate.

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Over the past month and a half, I've had this annoyingly increasing noise/vibration coming from the left rear tire area that corresponds to speed. I've given the tread a glance a few times after parking to see if the tire's just getting worn, but haven't seen any problems with it. Ok, so some sort of axle or support issue. Fine, great, time to dish out a couple hundred, I figure. I get it to my mechanic yesterday, he calls me back a little while later and explains that not only is the tire more than a little worn but there are entire chunks of rubber missing from it - He is mind boggled trying to figure out why it didn't blow up violently on me any of the NUMBER of times I drove 60+ mph over the past several weeks.

I'm glad all it took was a little labor charge to figure that one out instead of explosions and crash course adventures. But damn! I feel like such a tard for not seeing the decaying tire in any stage of its degredation. Note to self: If the car makes a new noise, something is wrong! :)

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I'm just getting back to work after a fantastic weekend and wow is it impossible for me to focus. I keep thinking of the many disc golf games we played...

Park Number 1 - Bear BranchCollapse )

Park Number 2 - TerramontCollapse )

Park Number 3 - TC JesterCollapse )

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I was just reading through some old emails, looking at attached photos from about 4 years ago. Made me ridiculously nostalgic, missing how much diverse contact we had back in college and immediately afterwards. I'm certainly not missing that time period, just, the sociallity of it. I've had a tendency to allow friendships to stagnate over time, and have let people come and go out of my life. All the while thinking it was normal fluctuations of fate and happenstance and passively accepting changes, I'm realizing the active role I've played in letting good people go.

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Currently On Tap:
The Great Pumpkin, batch 1 - A collision of amber ale & pumpkin pie! Deep amber hue, with mild hop flavor. Lots of pumpkin pie spice character!
The Great Pumpkin, batch 2 - Same as above, but brewed with a smoother mouthfeel and lower alcohol content
Octoberfest - Smooth amber lager with malty flavor & surprising kick
Devil's Den Strong Belgian Golden - Strong, yet deceptively pale in hue. Earthy overtones with a dry finish.

Currently Aging:
Imperial American Pale Ale - Effervescent, light amber tint, floral hop bite. Kicked up the alcohol quite a bit to manipulate one of our favorite flavors
Imperial The Great Pumpkin - Same as above, but kicked up the alcohol level dramatically and brewed with one and a quarter real pumkins instead of canned
Oak Aged Oatmeal Stout - A relatively smooth, medium-dry stout with some hop flavor. Added oak chips to the primary fermenter to add to the earthy flavors. Primed with brown sugar to round it out.

Currently Fermenting:
Munich Dunkel (dark) - A smooth, dark malty brew with toasty caramel overtones.
Old Hophead Holiday - A deep amber-hued ale with an assertive hop bite & floral finish

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cross-posted to homebrewing

There comes a point in every brewer's batch when we discover we've grabbed the last bottle of it. We dig around in the fridge in denial looking for another but then ulimately have to face the reality that once we down the contents of this brown bottle there will be none left to drink in delight, no more samples to check on it's aging, no more pints to share in gleeful pride with our appreciating friends. You are about to drink... the last bottle.

About a month back my friends and I gathered 'round my last 22oz bottle of an expiremental amber I tried. Though it was a typical Fat Tyre clone, it was experimental to me because I entered the delicious world of dry hopping with this batch by tossing a half ounce of Mt. Hood in the secondary. Mmm, how I love the overpowering aftermath dry hopping wreaks on my taste buds! Because it was also a batch I had to rescue from near ruination (a faulty tap-a-draft valve allowing the beer to flatten forced us to re-prime and bottle from the kegs), every carbonated sip of that beer filled me with a sense of accomplishment. So here we were, quite inebriated from polishing off all the lead up bottles, gathered in a circle on our knees bowing to the last bottle between us like some holy relic and improvising chants singing of its praises.

Yeah, ok, well it sounded like a good idea at the time. But it got me thinking. There's always that nostalgic sweetness you savor when the last bottle/pint expires, sometimes so much so that it moves you to oddity. I've wondered, have any of you had any last bottle rituals?

Funniest part of all, several weeks after our amber prostration, my wife and I found the actual last</> bottle of it in a few boxes we were storing elsewhere. Does this make the previous praising practice? :)

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See all of you suckers next week - I'm headin to Vegas! Yeeee haw! My brother and I'll be staying at the Orleans Casino, we'll be helping Marc get married tomorrow at the MGM Grand, and we're all gonna enjoy the hell out of our weekend! Till Tuesday!

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2. Pass it on.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, you will now be privvy to more in depth information into the life and times of Erik Abrams than you have previously here-to-for cared for. In other words, TMI (dun dun duuuuuuuun).

I'm rather pleased with my current eating habits, as the change to how I eat now helped me lose 60 pounds. However, my current combination of eating / exercising is not making any changes to my waistline (been at 195 lbs for over a year), so I wish to document my intakes and expenditures for a week so I can get an idea of what other changes need to occur. Weight = caloric intake balanced by energy spent. Nothing more, nothing less. Though Jamie and I do a good job staying active, I can almost gaurantee I need more consistent exercise. As I firmly do not believe in diets and cutting anything out of my available edibles, I'd like to try to find if there's some area where I should consider minimizing its impact (like, less beer? gasp!).

To figure this out, I intend on keeping a record for a few days of everything I eat, its caloric and fat values, and any exercise I undergo and its respective approximate caloric expenditure. Then, tally up at the end. See whats a happenin' empirically!

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