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Love the Sunday Leisure Ride. - Erik
Love the Sunday Leisure Ride.
Love leisurely sunday rides that include casual neighborhood crisscrossing, laughing at outrageous prices for dilapidated homes (location my ass), pausing for a shared 22oz can michelada (bloodymary mix + beer), chomping on vietnamese bbq pork sandwhiches ($2.50 goodness), appreciating the artistry of a completely grafitied building, getting yelled at by a local for "spying out the territory" when asking her neighbor about the purpose of a geodesic building (mmm, impoverished holstility), and discovering a 12 foot tall metal cactus fountain (only in tx), a wall of faces, a political wall climber, and an awesome urban park full of old Louisiana Oaks (that's what I'll call 'em 'cause they remind me of home) reaching out over (and practically caressing) dozens of picnic benches.

The 23 mile ride (roughly, google did not like the number of destinations it took to truly represent the meandering):

The Cactus Fountain

The Disenfranchised Democratic Climber

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nochew From: nochew Date: January 8th, 2009 06:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
That depends how long its been since you've visited us. We have been in the same complex for the past 6.5 years (oh dear god that's a long time), but in a different apartment than we did originally. Slightly more room, more interesting layout (we have a loft, oooooh). Why for dost thou ask, oh great mass producer? :) You in the neighborhood?
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